Welcome to XVI Clothing!   Not Only do we want to talk about Cool Clothing, as well as Looking Good and Feeling Great,

we want to be aware of all that is around us..... Events, Festivals, Markets, Music, Useful Organization's and Campaigns... or..just having fun.

Your welcome to vent your opinions on all that is right and wrong in the world.

Religion, War, Politics, Governments, Revolution, Environment, Sport, Travel, Society, Internet, TV, Music, Animal and Human Rights. 

Health, Happiness, Well Being, Love, Friendship, Paying it Forward.

The Underlying essence, the Blood if you will.. of XVI Clothing  is XVI  (More on that  below....), which eventually we hope can help make changes, create awareness and hopefully improve a life.  

Through listening and discussing with our peers, artists, students, tradesmen, doctors, traveller's, entrepreneurs, cashiers, professors.....

X-gen, Y-Gen, Baby Boomers to Grey Nomads.... Cool Designs will Flow  and  Clothing we want, will Grow.

So check it out!  If you have any queries, ideas, artwork, personal or wholesale orders.  Lettuce know.

You can contact us via this WebSite or our facebook page

Have a nice day and See You Soon!

XVI Clothing Women's Girl's Ladie's Children's Men's Tank top and t-shirt Flip Flops Puzzles Mugs Keepin it real On the street Logo

X  - Past

I am who I am because of my Past,

The Choices I've made, Upbringing and Environment.

I can See my Faults and Assets if I Stop and Look,

From the Outside and Inside.

To change or Improve I must shed the Bad,

And Keep the Good.

V - Revolution

Making the Changes, That Make Me Better.

Achieving Small Goals of Improvement,

Leads to Empowerment and Bigger Changes,

that Enable me to be Who I want to be.

I - Freedom

Me, I, Independent, Influence.

To Stand, Happy, Content and Proud is to be Free.

Being a Good Person, Having a Positive effect on Others

and the World=Completeness.

Leaving a Positive Legacy is Contentment. On any Scale.